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Open-source repositories
Step 1: Get a Bitbucket account
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How to contribute to Unity

A guide for open-source contributers

This guide provides help and support for Unity users who may not have participated in an open-source project before.

Unity uses distributed version control to version open-source componentsA functional part of a GameObject. A GameObject can contain any number of components. Unity has many built-in components, and you can create your own by writing scripts that inherit from MonoBehaviour. More info
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. Essentially, this means that you make changes and contribute them back through a process of “forking” our repository, cloning your “fork”, pushing your changes to your “fork”, and then opening a pull request for us to review.

This guide includes an example walkthrough to help make this process clearer. Please also see the Further Reading section and the FAQ section to learn more about open-source contributions to Unity.

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Open-source repositories
Step 1: Get a Bitbucket account